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Body kits, also knows as an Aerodynamics Package, were plastic or fibreglass accessories that fitted to the extremities of the car. While their aerodynamic function is limited, they do provide aesthetic enhancements to the E30 body style.

All E30s left the factory with a plastic lower edge on their front valance, known as a chin spoiler or lip. Optional extras include side skirts that protect the sills from road damage, rear valance spoilers to balance the effect of chin spoilers, and boot lid spoilers to add an aggressive look to the vehicle.

Bodykits were available as optional extras from the dealer under the M-Tech brand, and are referred to as Tech 1 for early cars and Tech 2 for facelift cars. The bodykits consisted not only of bumpers, valance lips and spoilers, but were also complimented by interior options including steering wheels and gear knobs. Touring and Cabriolet models had Sports Edition side skirts as standard, which 325i Sports models had the full M-Technic Aerodynamics Package as standard.

Third parties such as Zender and Reiger also produced body kits for the E30, with certain elements now being highly sought-after collectibles.



Description Available as an aftermarket extra from Autovogue. Essentially a copy of the kit fitted to the E36 M3
Features Fitting Picture
Front Valance 140px
Skirts Dscf3392.jpg
Rear Valance 140px


Description Available as an aftermarket extra from Breyton
Features Fitting Picture
Front Valance E93FLO2.jpg
Skirts E93FLO4.jpg
Rear Valance E93FLO1.jpg

Hartge H23/H28

Description Fitted to the pre-facelift Hartge model H23 and the 323i-powered H26
Features Fitting Picture
Front Valance H28.jpg
Rear Valance H28 2.jpg

Hartge H26/H27

Description Fitted to the facelifted Hartge models; the 325i-powered H26 and the M30-powered H27
Features Fitting Picture
Front Valance P1030252.jpg
Skirts P1030250.jpg
Rear Valance P1030253.jpg

Racing Dynamics

Description Available as an aftermarket extra from Racing Dynamics
Features Fitting Picture
Front Valance 1d3jr6.jpg
Skirts 140px
Rear Valance Img7813ad1.jpg

Reiger GTS

Description Available as an aftermarket extra from Reiger
Features Fitting Picture
Front Valance Despite the reknown of Reiger as a company, these bodykits do not come with any form of mounting equipment. Reiger supply pop rivets and a tube of seam sealer. Dj.jpg
Skirts Dsc04349ct8.jpg
Rear Valance P220609 1629.jpg

Tech 1

Description Fitted to the pre-facelift 325i Sport in 1987, as well as the 333i.
Features Fitting Picture
Front Bumper/Valance The Tech 1 metal bumper and plastic valance are sperate parts. DSCF1016.jpg
Skirts DSCF1072.jpg
Rear Bumper Just like the front, the rear bumper is separate from its valance. DSCF1080.jpg
Rear Valance 140px
Spoiler DSCN1486.jpg

Tech 2

Description Fitted to the facelifted 325i Sport in 1988-1991.
Features Fitting Picture
Front Bumper Fitting Guide Casper.jpg
Front Valance Unlike the Tech 1 valance, the Tech 2 has special holes which mount to plastic brake ducts. These carry air from the valance directly to the discs to aid cooling. Cimg2906p.jpg
Skirts 2-door and 4-door/Touring skirts are different as the 2-door sill covers have slots in the top of them for the rear quarter pod to slide into. The 4-door sill cover doesn't have these slots, and is therefore a different part number. Casp23.jpg
Rear Bumper/Valance The Tech 2 rear bumper and valance are a one-part component. Fitting Guide Cimg2848a.jpg


Description Available as an aftermarket extra from Zender
Features Fitting Picture
Front Valance Zender1.jpg
Skirts 100 0992.jpg
Rear Valance Zender2.jpg
Boot Spoiler Img2356ww.jpg


Front Valances

The valance is the metal panel running behind and underneath the bumper on E30s, and is the key distinguishing feature between pre- and facelift cars. Because of that re-design, all the major body kit manufacturers listed above ran two versions of their valances, to accommodate the differences.

The differing styles took into account mounting for fog lights, air flow to the brakes and oil cooling, and the concept of combined units that incorporated both a chin spoiler and bumper into one unit.

Name Fitted To Features Fitting Picture
Alpina Type 147 The early Alpina valance was fitted to the range of Alpina models running up to 1987. 86342407.jpg
Alpina Type 159 For plastic-bumpered Alpina cars with no A/C 189274 10150281743079208 690269207 7760863 4502437 n.jpg
BBS For pre-facelift vehicles. Has the earlier shape bumper mount holes, making it exclusive to early vehicles. BBSValance.jpg


Name Fitted To Features Fitting Picture
Pre-facelift Lip All E30s up to 1987 The one pictured is without the oil cooler cutouts. DSC00475.jpg
Facelift Lip All standard E30s from 1987 IMAG0175.jpg
iS Lip Mounts using standard BMW clips along the bottom edge of the valance IMAG0176.jpg
"Jimmy Hill" BMW Optional Extra The affectionally-named BMW option, part number 1919743, is uniquely identifiable by its extreme protrusion from the valance, making this item much more a 'chin' than a 'lip'. 100 0991.jpg
Volvo Lip Volvo 740 Mounts using standard BMW clips along the bottom edge of the valance. The key, however, is to mount it upside-down. DSC 0206.jpg

Side Skirts

Side skirts are effectively sill protectors; plastic strips that prevent stones and gravel sand-blasting all the paint off the the bottom of your car. Unfortunately they also act as rot traps, holding and keeping years worth of muck and road salt against your metalwork, so it is important to get your skirts off regularly to clean behind them.

Name Fitted To Features Fitting Picture
SE Skirts The Special Equipment sideskirts were fitted as standard to Touring and Cabriolet models, and were also found on all SE models of the 320i and 325i. Each skirt is in two pieces; a main section running under the doors to the rear arch, and a small leading section which covers the lower portion of the front wing. These two parts simply slide and clip together.

The kit is mounted using a series of plastic clips. Along the top edge, these clips plug into holes drilled into the sill, while the bottom edge clips directly to the lower sill edge. As the skirt tucks into the wheel arch at both ends, two more holes are drilled into the wheel arch lip to hold plastic plugs.

Fitting Guide 140px

Boot Spoilers

Name Fits Features Fitting Picture
Kamei All E30s Spoiler comes in three pieces; a rear panel and two side trims. Due to the width of the rear panel, the side trims fit to the rear quarterpanels of the car instead of the boot lid, giving a much more aggressive look to the back end of the car. Supposed to be matched to the exceptionally rear Kamei Front Wing splits - a pair of mythical trims that cover the gap between bonnet and front wing. The spoiler itself requires two holes drilled into the bootlid for the mounting clamps, while the side trims are bonded on with sealant. KameiRearSpoiler.jpg


Boot Spoilers

Start by finding the centre line of the boot lid. Measure out from here 565mm, 346mm and 118mm to the left, and 130mm, 346mm and 565mm to the right.

The distance forward for the holes is measured from the lower edge of the boot, up and around the curved bit. The measurements are, in the same order as the measurements I've already given, 125mm, 127mm, 129mm, 129mm, 127mm and 125mm. Hole diameter is 7.5mm.