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The E30 was sold with a variety of steering wheels across the range, including Tech1 and Tech2 variants.

BMW Wheels

Model Sizes Years Fitted To Related Picture
Three-Spoke E30 SE models Nardi Blackline

Racing Dynamics

Steering wheel threespoke 02.jpg
Four-Spoke Standard E30 Standard.jpg
Airbag 1989-1991 Airbag-equipped models Four-spoke Airbag.jpg
M-Tech 1 370mm/385mm 1985-1987 325i Sport Tech 1


M-Tech 2 370mm/385mm 1988-1991 325i Sport Tech 2


Steering wheel tech2 15.jpg
Sports 370mm E28


M-Tech 1

M-Tech 2

Pics 053.jpg
M3 Evolution 3 375mm M3 Evo M-Tech 2 Ev0.jpg

AC Schnitzer/Alpina/Hartge Wheels

Manufacturer Model Sizes Years Features Fitted To Picture
AC Schnitzer Three-Spoke AC Schnitzer models ACS-WHEEL2.jpg
Alpina Three-Spoke 365mm Alpina models 06032008337.jpg
Alpina Four-Spoke 385mm Alpina models 1-4.jpg
Alpina Four-Spoke 385mm Alpina models B1035alpina43.jpg
Hartge Three-Spoke Hartge models 1002180z.jpg
Hartge Four-Spoke Hartge models 1002181r.jpg
Hartge 385mm Hartge models Steering wheel hartge 04.jpg

Aftermarket Wheels

Manufacturer Model Sizes Years Features Picture
BBS SNC13116.jpg
Nardi Blackline DSCF0280.jpg
Nardi Woodline Steering wheel nardi woodline01.jpg
Racing Dynamics Steering wheel racingdynamics 01.jpg
Zender Zenderwheel.JPG