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The E34 is the third edition of BMW's 5-series. It replaced the E28 in 1988. Because of its age, it serves as a technological overlap, sharing many design features between the E30 and E36, particularly the range of engines. It was replaced by the E39 in 1995.

The E34 has a very good opinion. Despite their current low prices, the E34 is capable of racking up astronomical mileages, especially the diesel-powered 325 TDS. While their heavier weight makes them more cumbersome, a lot of car can be bought for extremely low prices due to their lack of classic status. With the superior luggage capacity of Touring models, they are ripe for LPG conversions to turn even the most basic petrol models into comfortable economical cruisers.

Compatible Parts

These are the parts can be bolted directly to the E30 with little or no modification. They are considered an upgrade for either strength, performance or cost reasons. Anything not on this list is either directly incompatible or requires significant fabrication to fit.


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NOTE: While the V8 M60 engines are by no means a drop-in swap, there are enough documented examples of them being fitted to E30s for them to be considered a viable donor engine.


A few small steering components can be salvaged from the E34; specifically the universal joints and splined shafts. These are used when converting your E30 steering rack to an upgraded unit from the E36, E46 or Z3.