Interview with Sandra Step

Trailing through the internet looking for great content can be, well, a bit haphazard and even real eye-opener, but now and then you find something that catches your attention.

In this case it was Sandra Step’s YouTube channel.  Here was a fellow E30 enthusiast building E30 projects on her own terms and documenting it on her channel as the builds progressed.  Even with her build videos, people still didn’t believe she was doing the work herself, but you only have watch her videos to see this not the case. [Click here to follow Sandra’s YouTube Channel]

As well as her YouTube channel Sandra as has a very active Instagram page, which has more photo of her E30s, BMW meets and her recent trip to the BMW Museum. [Click here to follow Sandra’s Instagram]

We asked Sandra some questions –

Tell us a bit about yourself and your social media channels?

My name is Sandra I am just an ordinary girl who is keen on old BMWs.

I decided to create my own channel on YouTube, since no one believed that I was fixing my car myself.
Until now, some still doubt this, but there’s not much I can do about it.

How did you get in to E30s and why the E30?

I started to like E30s about 6 years ago, while I was engaged in BMX, riders came to the skate park in their E30 and E34.  My attention was drawn to the E30 and I began to look for information about this BMW.

How many E30s do you own?

I currently have 2 E30. Lagunengruen metallic 1990 and 1986 rocket bunny in nardo gray.

What work have done on your E30/s since you have owned them?

Lagunengruen metallic 1990 E30 came to me in a very poor condition, from the moment of her possession I established:
Sportsitzen front leather seats
Rear ski-pass seat + retrim leather
Pop out windows
Rear parcel shelf with sunshade
Rear premium sound speakers
Nardi Blackline steering wheel
Electrical windows

MHW tail lights
Taifun front grill + hella square headlights
Ta technix coilovers
M Technic 2 bodykit
Borbet wheels

Nardo Grey rocket bunny 1986

Brewed the whole body
New rocket bunny body kit
Resprayed in Nardo Grey
Steelies wide wheels 9,5J 11,5J

What do all your friends think about your E30 obsession?

Basically, my friends consider it cool what I do, but still, some people think I’m crazy.

Future plans for E30/s and all your social media channels?

For lagunengruen e30 I will look for other wheels.
Also plans to get headlights wash wipes

For the Rocket bunny e30
vinyl + possibly repaint
Youtube – I will continue to shoot what I do, build new projects and keep moving forward.

In the 15 years of running the E30 Zone there have only ever been a hand full of female E30 owners in a very male orientated hobby and great to see her rolling up her sleeves and doing the work on the E30s, and might I add putting most of us men to shame.

No one can take away from her what she has achieved with these E30s, and you can tell Sandra is true enthusiast and who really enjoys her E30s, and I for one, can’t wait to see what see does next…

Anything else you would like to share with E30 community?

E30 is not just a car – it’s a lifestyle.

All photos and images used in this article are Copyright Sandra Step.