Shedrool83’s 325 touring project

Sat on a drive for 12 years, it’s now stripped to a rolling chassis and is about to get some rust issues cut out and replaced, oh and a colour change…

After many years of owning e30’s Jake decided it was time to sell up and move on, he regretted it straight away but the prices had really started to go up and finding another E30 at a decent price was becoming hard.

This one appeared on gumtree for under a grand but had sat unloved for 12 years or so.  Jake called the guy and bought it over the phone without seeing it.

Jake said “For the price I got it for if push came to shove i would make the money back breaking it, the deal was done and it was in my garage the following day”.

The first thing Jake done was pull the engine and box and strip the car back to a bare shell, the engine had a major service, a lightened flywheel, clutch and a bit of cosmetic paint, the gearbox was shelved as it wasn’t going back in.

Jake then started cutting out rust, nothing major which was good, but many small patches here and there.  Once the rust was taking care of,  Jake seam sealed the whole underside and was then stone chipped black, along with the inner arches and inner wings.

Next was to paint the subframes, struts and a few other bits and bobs,  now Jake was able to start rebuilding everything, with every bush, ball joint, wheel bearing, brake pipe, fuel lines and fuel tank being replaced with new.  Suspension and brakes were also replaced, with the springs being the only non oem items (H&R).

Auto to manual conversion was done before the engine and box went back in.  Interior wise the headlining has been recovered in black and the carpets dyed black.  Standard beige leather rear seats and e46 beige front seat were also added.  The dash was too far gone so the was changed for an uncracked one.

Jake never really planned on a colour change hence the door check or the engine bay not being sprayed yet.

Jake said “The night before I went in the paint suppliers to buy silver paint I was on the net looking through old zone build threads and looked at Dips sweet as chocolate touring as I had many time before.  I also looked at few coupes in Marrakesh brown but I could only find one touring abroad that had been painted in this colour.  I still had the plan to paint it silver again until i got to the counter and Marrakesh brown came out my mouth instead of silver”.

Jake plans to remove the engine with a possible upgrade to m52, beige leather sports front seats and door cards, engine bay will be painted after the winter.

We asked Jake do you own any other E30s?
No, this is the only e30 I have currently but do also own a E36 pickup, E38 728i (hence the possible upgrade), E46 328i, E90 330i and an Audi b5 1.8t BTCC tribute track car.

At the start of the project the aim was to do the project for start to finish with my own hands. I don’t have and mechanically or bodywork training so it isn’t perfect by any means but I’m happy with how it turned out.

The E30 Zone agrees ! – Steve

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