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This list identifies the interior upholstery as fitted to E30s, as defined by the sales brochures for each year. Due to the quality of the scans, the images may not perfectly reflect the colour of your upholstery. If you have a better image from the sales brochure, get in touch with the Zone team.

Pre-Facelift Upholstery

Year 4-cyl Cloth 6-cyl Cloth Leatherette Leather
1983 1983-1.jpg 1983-2.jpg 1983-3.jpg 1983-4.jpg
1984 1984-1.jpg 1984-3.jpg 1984-4.jpg
1985 1985-1.jpg 1985-2.jpg 1985-3.jpg 1985-4.jpg
1986 1986-1.jpg 1986-2.jpg 1986-3.jpg 1986-4.jpg

Facelift Upholstery

Year Fabrics
1987 1987int.colors.JPG
1988 1988 int colors.jpg
1989 (awaiting image)

Upholstery Codes

To give you a better idea of what E30 interior fabrics look like in real life, we've compiled this table to show off examples of each upholstery. This list is in no way comprehensive; if your material is not listed here, contact the Zone team.

Cloth Check Leather
Colour Code Picture Colour Code Picture Colour Code Picture
Anthracite 0269 IMG00078-20110318-1112.jpg Anthracite 0304 Cimg3051df.jpg Black 0203
IMG 8077Large.jpg
Silver 0270 E30 5.jpg Silver 0380 Silver check interior.jpg Silver 0292 Dsci00067nb.jpg
Indigo 0271 140px Indigo 0306 Blue check interior.jpg Indigo 0293 P1020811.jpg
Havana 0272 DSC02916.jpg Cardinal Red 0296 DSCF3177.jpg
Natural 0273 140px Natural 0307 Natural check interior.jpg Natural 0295 DSC01394.jpg
Pearlbeige 0153
Pearlbeige 0214
Pearlbeige 0206
DSC 0373.jpg
Pacific 0212

Paint/Upholstery Combinations

This great image, taken from the 1984 Sales Brochure, shows the recommended choice of interior for each paint colour available.