Retrofitting Front Fog Lights

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All UK cars had a rear fog light from the factory, but not every buyer ticked the options box for front fogs. That's a shame, since having another set of lamps in the valance does look cool on the E30; a lot better than the dull plastic blanking plates.

If you want to shed your poverty-spec image, here's how to fit front fog lights.


  • Two foglights, including mounting frames
  • Relay K8 (identical to relay K4)
  • Two 7.5A fuses for positions 29 and 30
  • One 1.2W bulb with holder for the dash
  • Two-position foglight switch
  • Eight plastic screw plugs
  • Eight M6 stainless steel self-tapping screws


Fortunately for you, the Loom fitted to all cars contains all the relevant wiring for the fog lights, so there's no need to get the soldering iron out just yet.

But you will need to find the fittings, which are usually tucked out of place when not used. For the actual lamps, you're looking for two grey plugs hidden somewhere inside the engine bay under the headlamps, often tucked into one of the holes inside the chassis rails. Have a nose around, find the plugs and free them up so that they dangle down behind the valance.


To confirm, the wires to the plugs are brown and yellow/brown for the left side, and brown and yellow/purple for the right side, so find plugs with these coloured wires!


Remove the blanking plates from your front valance. They're held in place with plastic plugs, so some gentle prising from the front, or a smart smack from the rear, should get them popped out.

Once they're out, lie on the ground with your head behind the valance, and you should see four square holes in the metalwork around the foglight hole. These are the mounting tabs, and you need to push your plastic screw plugs into the holes, with the ends pointing forwards.

Now offer the foglights up from behind, and get the lenses lined up in the holes. When they're in place, you'll see that the mounting holes on the light frame line up with the mounting tabs, and you can then screw your self-tapping screws into the plastic plugs. It'll look like a less rusty version of this:


Once the lights are fitted it firmly, plug them in.

Fuses and Relays

Open up your fuse box (under the bonnet) and fit your relay into the K8 slot, and your fuses into slots 29 and 30.


Near your headlight switch should be a large rectangular button which switches on the rear fog lights. You need to replace this with a two-button switch so that you can operate the front foglights too:


This should be a simple matter of either prising it out with a fine blade or screwdriver, or pushing it out from behind if you have removed your kick panel from under the steering column. Pull the old switch off its plug, pop the new switch in, and push the lot back into place.

Test that your lamps work by turning on the headlights and then pressing the switch. You should get a dazzling glow from the front. If you're lucky, you'll also get a glowing light on your dash telling you that your foglights are on. If you don't, you need to fit one and that entails removing the instrument cluster. Once you've got the dash cluster in your hands, look at the back for the hole with the foglight symbol embossed on it, and just twist in your bulb with holder and reassemble.

And you're done!