Possibly the rarest E30 on the E30 Zone

Kelson has been a member of the E30 Zone since 2005, he also just so happens to own very rare Alpina B6 3.5s.  For members that don’t know this E30 was based on the E30 M3 but uses the B10/2 M30 “big six” engine which produced 261 bhp, where as the standard M30 produced 218 bhp.

The B6s also has dogleg gearbox instead of the usual 5-speed used in a standard M30 & the Alpina B6, It also boasts a top speed of 155 mph which faster than BMWs 2.5 Sport Evolution.  Only 62 B6s were made from 1987 to 1990.

We thought it was only right to ask Kelson how he came to own such rare car.

“I had always fancied the M3 Alpina ever since my first test drive of a regular 325i Coupe in 1988. I loved the thought of a big 6 in the M Car.

In 2004 I started searching for one and there were 3 cars available at the time, 1 in the UK (sold before I called), and 2 in Germany”.

“The owner of the one I bought lived in Leonberg and worked for BMW.  He was a big Alpina fan and was only changing because to needed a saloon. I drove my E30 325i Touring from Cannes (where I was on holiday) to Leonberg to view the car, arriving late and checking it in the dark behind a MacDonalds – everything you should not do!

I left a deposit, stayed in a hotel overnight and then went back to Cannes. I returned home the following Saturday and flew out to Stuttgart on the Sunday. Met the owner on the Monday and did the exchange then drove it back to the UK. That was 6 Sep 2004 and I have owned her ever since”.

I don’t know about everyone else but I would be nervous wreck owning a car like this, We asked Kelson how does it feel to own such a rare E30? Do you worry about taking it out?

“It feels great and I hope I can keep it in a condition that the next custodian will appreciate, though they will not get their hands on it anytime soon! I am happy to take it out as its quite discreet. My wife and I did a 2,500 mile tour around Europe a couple of years ago in her and she did not miss a beat.”

What make the B6s so enjoyable?

“I love the easy performance and the fact it still delivers all the goods. In the right place it will still pull past 250 kph (on the clock)”

What have you done to the car since owning it?

“Nothing significant. I have replaced the exhaust with a full stainless system, made to Alpinas original specifications by Maniflow, Salisbury. I have also added a full Alpine SatNav system with touch screen in the centre console. All fully reversible as nothing has been cut or changed to get it in (other than relocating the Alpina number plaque).”

Do you have any future plans for the car? Do you think one day may sell it?

“I intend to keep and enjoy it. I will never sell it and having a number of cars means it does not have to endure any poor weather.”

Do you own any other E30s or BMWs?

Yes I do. I have a BMW E30 325i Touring from 1991 that I bought in 1999 as the second owner. I love the way these cars drive and have only changed the 15″ BBS wheels for OEM Alpina 16″ staggered alloys. I also have a 2018 F80 M3 in Sakhir Orange II (just 1200 miles on her now), and a BMW i8 (my wifes car). Being a complete petrol head and into both cars and motor bikes, I also have a BMW HP4 Carbon motorcycle.

Any another information you would like to share with the Zone?

I think the zone is a great community and a great benefit to all that participate and is a fantastic resource for information. I just wish I had a bigger garage!

/Don’t we all – Steve