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Z1 Stripped.jpg

The BMW Z1 is a two-seat soft top roadster. It uses the engine and transmission from the E30 325i mounted in a specially designed base frame or chassis, which is made from galvanised steel. The sports body, which is made from various types of composite resin panels, is fixed onto the base frame. The front Suspension is re-worked 325 components, with a wider track. The rear suspension is the specially designed 'Z axle'.

The most distinctive features of the body are the electrically powered doors, which in the open position drop down into the side sills, this creating the ultimate 'open car' when the soft top is lowered underneath its flat cover.

Compatible Parts

These are the parts can be bolted directly to the E30 with little or no modification. They are considered an upgrade for either strength, performance or cost reasons. Anything not on this list is either directly incompatible or requires significant fabrication to fit.


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The original wheels are a 16x7.5J rim known as BMW Style 10. They share the same 4x100 PCD and ET25 offset as E30 wheels, which is why they are a desirable (read: expensive) swap.