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Golden Rule

  • Contribute - Don't be afraid up update information in the Articles or create new ones, the Wiki only works with your contribution. Remember you don't even need to sign up to contribute!

Important Rules

  • No advertising - updates and articles from traders are most welcome as they have good specialist knowledge but they must be provided free and unbiased in the interest of the community.
  • Spelling and Grammar - please make an effort to use good spelling and grammar. Please expect that your articles will be updated/corrected to meet the highest standards possible
  • Articles are not for discussion or arguments. Each article has a "talk" page that can be used for this purpose, or even better, please discuss things on the Wiki section of the main site.
  • Subject Matter - please keep posts related to E30s, Other BMWs are acceptable where the engines or other parts are used in E30 upgrades and modifications. we particularly welcome project pages that detail all aspects of your project with a view to helping others achieve their goals.
  • Common Sense - please try to use it.

At this point these are the only formal rules.

Style Guide

  • E30 is written with a capital E.
  • The Wiki is written with a capital W.
  • The plural of E30 is E30s
  • All pages start with initial capital letters. E.g. My Wiki Page
  • The 5 door E30 is called a Touring, not Tourer.

If you have any questions please post in the Wiki forum section or contact me (User:hoshy) via the Zone's Private Message system.