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The lack of Interior lights is something many Cabriolet owners have complained about. Fortunately, there's a solution.

Normally, you could use the same mounting point as the lighted mirror assembly that you're putting in, but the cabrios don't have the rectangular feature in the roof for mounting it. I found a decent way to do it.

I will also mention that the way that I wired the mirror, they will work with the ignition off. This has its advantages, but make sure you don't leave them on when you park the car!

1. Remove the mounting arm from the lighted mirror. I rotated the arm while holding the mirror itself. It takes some effort, but if you're patient, you shouldn't break the mirror glass. Do the same for the original cabrio mirror.



2. Take apart the mirror. There are about 8-10 tabs around the inside of the rim that holds the mirror glass in. I used a small screwdriver to pry the rim away CAREFULLY.

3. Cut the wire away from the mounting arm of the mirror. Pull the wire through the mounting hole.


4. Drill a new hole (13/64" dia) into the back of the mirror housing. I used this side since I covered the two wires with cable shrink-wrap when I got done.

5. Splice the extra length of wire onto each of the black and white mirror wires. I used about 6 inches of wire for each.

6. For a more professional look, I used wire shrink wrap to cover the new extension wires. In my opinion, it will look better since the wire will show in the car.

7. Feed the extension wires through your new drilled hole.


8. Reassemble the mirror. This includes both the mirror glass and using the mounting arm from your original cabrio mirror.


9. Pull the Check Control panel from the headliner. Also pull the interior light from the headliner as well.

10. Assemble the mirror to the windshield using the original mounting feature still stuck to the windshield. Pull the wire(s) through space between the headliner and the body of the car.


11. Wire the new light. I mated the Red/Green wire light wire with the black wire of the mirror. I used the brown wire from the light to mate with the white wire of the new mirror. If you use the other wire to match the white wire, the lights will only go on when the doors are open.


12. Reassemble the Check Control panel and the interior light.


Enjoy your new maplights!