Convert LHD to RHD Headlights

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If you've imported a foreign E30, or your planning on sending your car overseas, it's imported to get the headlights pointing in the right direction. Here's how.

IMPORTANT:This will only work on Bosch Bulleye and Smilie headlights.

This can be done with the lights still on the car, so no need to remove them, but I have done this to show you what needs to be done.

Firstly, looking at the rear of the unit, you will see 3 screws.


You can see three plastic tabs sticking up; where these are, I have marked with a black marker pen to show the original starting point.


These will need to be unscrewed to a point where they will come out from the bottom of the unit, and no more, but will spin into the rear of the unit.


Lift the housing as shown, and turn clockwise or anti-clockwise, thus making them RHD or LHD, whichever you want to convert to.


As you can see, the Black mark has now moved from the original mark. Congratulations, you have now converted the lights. All that is need is to tighten the screws and refit to the car.


Written for the E30Zone by Rav335uk