Chip Fitting Guide

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Tools Required

Phillips screwdriver

Flat head screwdriver

10mm socket and ratchet

Electical Tape


Chipfit 001.jpg

1. Remove lower trim on drivers side by removing the three trim buttons and pulling it gently forward into the footwell.

2. Look under the dash and you will see the ECU, remove the four 10mm bolts holding it in place and then lower it gently from its mounting.

3. Pull the silver retaining clip forwards and the ECU pug will be removed.

4. Take the ECU out of sunlight !

5. Find a room in the house without any fluorescent lighting and turn the ECU over so the bottom is facing upwards, bend the retaining clips upwards and the top cover will come away.

Chipfit 002.jpg

6.The chip we are interested in is sitting on a small raised socket, you cannot mistake the correct one as it’s the only chip fitted this way, all the others are soldered to the main circuit board.

You will notice a small “notch” at one end the new chip must only be fitted the same way round !!!

Chipfit 003.jpg

7.Using a small piece of plastic (or a screwdriver wrapped in electrical tape gently prise the chip from the socket. 8.Refit the new chip in the socket paying particular attention to locating the pins (all 28!) correctly

9.Gently push the new chip into the socket and then refit the top cover .

10.refit the ECU in the car and start the engine, allow it to idle for at least ten minutes and then switch off.

11.Go for a drive, the car will run a bit “rough” for about an hour while the ECU learns the new chips settings.

12.Enjoy, and remember that this is a “driveability” upgrade and the car will feel much more responsive to your throttle inputs.