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The E30 Wiki lives and grows on your contributions. If you've got something you think other's should know, here's how to share the knowledge.

Creating an Account and Logging in

Before you can make new pages or edit the existing ones, you'll need to sign up for an account. Because of the huge number of spambots trawling the web, you'll need to ask your nearest friendly SysOp to make an account for you. Contact Grrrmachine, Steve or Skipunda through the Zone with your desired username and password, and one of them will set you up with the power to create and edit content on the Wiki.

Once you've got your hands on your account details, you can log in.

Starting a New Page

While there isn't a special button to click to make a new page, it's still very easy to do.

In the address bar of your browser, you'll see the address for this page. It should be this:

Delete Adding_to_the_Wiki and type what you want your page to be called. For example, if I wanted to write a new article on changing wheels I might want the title to be "Changing Wheels". I would navigate to:

Think carefully what you want to call the page, because once it's made, you can't change the name.

Things to note:

  1. Underscores become spaces
  2. The page names are currently case sensitive so Changing Wheels is different to changing wheels.
  3. Capitalisation. Please use sensible capitalisation, not CHANGING WHEELS, changing wheels or perhaps ChanGinG WHEels - you get the idea.
  4. Pages can only be deleted by a Wiki admin - please contact Grrrmachine or another SysOp for deletion requests.

Uploading images and files

Pics need to be uploaded to the Wiki server. To do that, there's a link at the bottom of every page in the grey bar: Upload file

Files upload just the way they do on any other website. Find the file on your PC, give it a sensible description, and click Upload File.

Two things can go wrong:

a) Your file has the same name as an existing pic. This is common if you've taken the pic with your own camera, and it's called DSC_0135 or something like that. To change it, just give the pic a sensible name in the "Destination Filename" box.

b) Your picture is too big. Some cameras take pictures up to 4.5Mb which, while pretty, is way beyond practical for a simple car website. You'll need to resize the picture to a far more reasonable file size; around 200kb.

To do that, load up the file in Paint (free with Windows: go to Start, Programs, Accessories and you'll find it) and find the Resize button. When you've got it, click the button "Pixels" and enter the number "800" in the "Horizontal" box (this should change the number in the "Vertical" box automatically.)

Now you can save the picture with a NEW NAME, and make sure it's saved as a .jpg. Once you do that, you should find that your previously huge file is now a more sensible 150kb or so, and it's ready for uploading.

Once a file has been uploaded, you link to it within the article using the following code:


Please note file names are also case sensitive.


It's very easy to organise a Wiki page. The most important thing is to know how to use "=" signs.

If you want to make a new chapter or heading inside your page, just put the chapter heading in between two "equals" signs, like this: =Engines=.

Then, if you want a sub-heading, use two equals signs, like this: ==Four-cylinder Engines==

As soon as you put four headings like this into your article, the Wiki will automatically make a Contents box at the top of your page. That way, readers will be able to jump quickly to the important information in your article. If you're writing a How To... guide, this is really very useful.

For more of these simple formatting options, take a look at the list on Wikipedia: Wikipedia Cheatsheet

For pages that are incomplete please add the stub template by placing the following text at the start of your article:


This will ensure that it's easy for users to find and update articles that need updating.


Tables can be somewhat tricky. Good information can also be found on the wikipedia site: Tables Help

Tables on this site should be created like the below:

Please note the class="wikitable" attribute.

{| class="wikitable"
|+'''Table Title'''
!First Column Header
!Second Column Header
!Third Column Header

This should look like:

Table Title
First Column Header Second Column Header Third Column Header
We Love E30s
Old Skool Cool

Style Guide

If you've never written for a website before, you ought to know the way we do things. If you just hammer away at the keyboard like an over-sugared toddler, no-one will want to read what you've written. And while we all make mistakes occasionally, one too many will stop Wiki readers from taking you seriously.

So if you can't tell your commas from your colons, or u hv a 10dunC 2 wrt lk dys, check out our Style Guide.