Mineralblue’s, mineral blue cab

Mineralblue has owned his E30 for over 10 years now and when he found it, he knew it was a keeper.

Mineralblue said “the colour I know is marmite, but love it or hate it, I have never seen another cab in this colour, some would say for good reason, but I love it”.

Having used it as a daily for 7 years it finally began to show signs of not liking it anymore and eventually Mineralblue had to park it up and wait for me to raise some funds.

It is now being revived by Danthe and here are a few photos of whats been happening.
There hasn’t been any major rot, just lots of little bits all around that have needed addressing, The original wings have been saved with a little chop off and use of the bottom section of some new wings.
The Engine is being done too with some minor Danthe improvements.

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