Verde’s GM 5.3 E30 conversion

Verde decided years back that he wanted his E30 to be running a v8 with the m60 in mind however, he decided to forget half measures and fulfil his dream of LS power. More simplistic design, easier to work on with an array of parts, improved reliability along with plenty power and an incredible sound. It also works out much smaller and lighter than anything BMW has to offer V8 wise.

As far as the engine, loom and conversion kit, Verde has been dealing with Kyle Rushall and Ian at lsx v8 uk. The idea being this car will be one of the guinea pigs for an accessible RHD UK based LSx swap package, they are working on the parts to get it in and he will install these as well as carry out the fab work on my own car. Verde will also be assisting assemble of the engine.

The overall plan is such as –
GM L33 5.3 LS family engine ( aluminium block truck engine )
Standalone ECU
Custom Adapter plate and Flywheel mated to 5 speed M57 box. 330/530D
Custom mounts and sump are required
Prop TBC
Manifolds and exhausts TBC ( Some conversion parts available only for LHD )
Siiky steering shaft

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