Power steering very heavy turning left

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Sun May 12, 2019 7:21 am

Before I try and go for a full new rack and pump, has anybody got any ideas why my PAS might be heavy in one direction only? All the research I have done suggests it is a valve within the rack?

It also hisses/squelches as I try to turn against the resistance, but the noise doesn't dound like it is coming from the pump. It also resonates up the steering column nto the cab.

I have tried changing the fluid, bleeding the system and changing the reservoir (mainly for a clean filter). One thing that does seem odd is that when I drain and refill they system followed by a bleed, turning the wheel from side to side (wheels off ground, engine off) doesn't result in a fluid level drop and hardly any bubbles. It's almost as if the fluid isn't being drawn into the system. Same applies when I eventually drop it down on its wheels and perform the bleed with the engine running.

Strangely, after it's been sitting for a day or two and I start it up, it's ok for the first two to three turns, and then gets heavier to the left until it's practically unturnable.

Any ideas gratefully received, as I am stumped!!
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