Lock not budging

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Sun Feb 10, 2019 3:29 pm

When I collected my touring, the drivers lock was busted - which I put down to an attempted break in at some stage. Central locking didn't work either, but it was way down the list of jobs to be done. Got a new lock and key sorted last week and fitted it up - and nothing. Bit of resistance turning the key and then it 'clicked' into position - but the door pin didn't move, and the door didn't lock.

Fitted up a good central locking module - nothing. Disconnected the solenoid and still nothing. Did the red/black wire mod and the central locking thankfully sprung back into life, but the lock itself still does nothing. When I fitted the solenoid back in, there's not enough 'give' in the door pin for the solenoid to activate.

The inner door handle is totally shagged too - so I'm guessing now that one of the previous owners couldn't resolve it, and stuck the screwdriver through the lock themselves to get into the car.

Any ideas of how to tackle it - I've tried staring at it, which is doing nothing for my mental health :D
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