Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on E30 Zone. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Registration

    1. Welcome to the E30zone, this site is intended for the use of a world wide audience and is dedicated to the BMW E30 model and all its variations. The site is run as a friendly, family orientated site and provides a platform for discussion of technical and non-technical matters related to the E30 BMW. E30zone welcomes discussion on other vehicles and non vehicular topics and has specific sections dedicated for this, however the E30zone is a site dedicated to the BMW E30 and this subject will always take priority.

      Registration is required to view and post on the forum. Registration is free upon completion of the registration page, which requires a valid email address. A link will be sent to the email account, follow this link and instructions are provided which enables you to log onto the forum as a member and begin viewing and posting.

      By registering or logging into the E30zone as a new or existing member you are agreeing to abide by the E30zone rules and guidelines as published or amended. You are also agreeing to the moderation of the forum by the moderator team and any disciplinary decisions they take as a result of your contravention of the rules and regulations.

      The does not sell or distribute your email address to any third parties.

      The E30zone moderators reserve the right to reveal your identity, or any other information you have provided to the appropriate authorities in the event of a legitimate complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you. #
  2. E30 Zone Rules

    1. In order to promote our values and goals as mentioned above we must ensure the site remains a family orientated site dedicated to the E30. Therefore whilst we allow a lively debate and discussion on a wide array of topics, certain topics will not be tolerated and have no place on this forum. The forum is moderated by a group of people from different locations and backgrounds, they rarely work alone and all decisions and disciplinary actions are made as a team, the decisions taken are debated and once made are published and are final. In order of severity the general topics not tolerated are as follows:

      1. Personal Attacks. Feel free to criticise ideas, but not people. Personal abuse will not be tolerated. Examples of abusive topics include those which are considered to be racist, vulgar, defamatory, harassing, hateful, threatening, invading of others privacy, sexually oriented, or in violation of any laws.

      2. Racism. We will not tolerate racist or anti-Semitic remarks on this website, this is applicable to all races, creeds and backgrounds.

      3. Sexually Explicit Material. We will not allow the direct posting of, or posting links to, any pornographic, sexually offensive, sexually explicit, or objectifying material. This also includes suggestive images, graphics, and comments. This is a family orientated site and any images, comments or links posted must be those deemed suitable for family viewing.

      4. Illegal Activity You may not discuss, suggest, engage in, or encourage any illegal activity on the forums. Linking to locations that deal with any such activity are also forbidden.

      5. Objectionable language Swearing or foul language will not be tolerated, it is accepted that some words are used differently around the World and as such the moderators will tend to warn members if their language is unacceptable, repeated use of unacceptable words however will not be tolerated.

      6. Politics, Religion and controversial subjects. This is an international forum dedicated to cars, and as such discussion of politics, religion and other 'controversial' subjects is generally not acceptable. If your post is of an inquisitive nature and in the correct section then these cases may be acceptable, but remember others may not share your views and the innocent, inquisitive post may degenerate into an argument. If it is a healthy discussion then it is acceptable, arguments or threads descending to a point where the other rules are broken will be removed.

      7. Unsafe Behaviour Some topics covered on this site are of a technical nature and thus have an impact on the safety and suitability of your vehicle, do not post comments that can endanger the lives of others or can have a negative effect on the safety of a vehicle. If you are not experienced on a topic please do not post your opinions, post only facts or past experiences.

      8. Baiting Do not post inflammatory remarks that are posted with the sole intention of annoying others.

      9. Respect the privacy of others. Do not post other's phone numbers, addresses, pictures, etc., without their prior permission.

      10. Spamming. Do not flood the forum with useless content, this includes posting comments that do not add any value or content to a thread, Do not post comments on items for sale and your opinions on the quality or price of an item unless asked by the seller.

      11. Multiple User Accounts It is not allowed to create multiple accounts for any reason, one person one user name.

      12. Abuse of the Private Messenger system. Abuse of the PM system is not tolerated. Trolling, personal attacks and spamming will be treated the same as it would be on the open forum.

      13. Other material The list of content unacceptable is not a complete and final list and as such please do not try to find loopholes by using the defence that the content is not mentioned specifically above. The moderator team will use their collective judgement to decide if your action or content is acceptable or otherwise, and as such they reserve the right to review and alter the rules as they see fit. In the event of a special or unique circumstance the moderators will as a team decide on the best course of action in line with the E30zone's core values.

      14. You many not upload Sexually Explicit Material. We will not allow the direct posting of, any pornographic, sexually offensive, sexually explicit, or objectifying material. This also includes Racism. We will not tolerate racist or anti-Semitic or suggestive images. Abuse of the attachment feature will result in an instant ban.

      Registration and membership on the E30zone is a privilege and not a right. #
  3. Guidelines

    1. Here are some guidelines to follow in order to make yours and other's E30zone experience more rewarding.

      Please post in the right forum. The individual forums are split into specific subjects that include a place to post technical information, general information, photographs, other BMW discussions etc. Please choose your forum carefully this enables other to read your posts and possibly for you to get an answer to any problems.

      Use a descriptive topic subject. When creating a new thread you must include a topic subject, please ensure this subject is relevant to the main topic of the thread. This will help others find what they want to read.

      Message content. You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages. Therefore any remarks posted in your name are your responsibility, this also means you are responsible for the security of your home computer and your computer in a shared house. By registering on this forum you are agreeing to abide by the rules and thus your thread and post content should not contravene these rules. You may not publish copyrighted materials with out the owners permission, this includes verbatim exerts from books and manuals, this also includes posting scans of pages from books or manuals.

      Cap Locks. Do not post in capital letters, unless you intend to draw attention to specific words. Posting in capitals is the equivalent of yelling or shouting and most users find excessive use of it annoying.

      Please post in plain English, not text talk. This site is a English language site, use of other languages is dissuaded. It is understood some people are not gifted in the English language nor is it their first language, this site will not remove or chastise people if they cannot use the language eloquently. However we ask that you use the English language in the most comprehensible way possible, we ask that you do not use excessive abbreviations or text talk as in addition to being very annoying, it is confusing to most people. Examples of text talk are: 1 dy I wz lokin at the E30 n fot it was a cool car (One day I was looking at the E30, and I thought it was a cool car) If you are unsure what an abbreviation is then please ask, it is common on all forums to use certain abbreviations such as IIRC (If I Remember Correctly). It is also common to use abbreviations when referring to parts on the car or engine, again if you don't know then just ask, check your TPS? What's a TPS? Throttle Position Sensor?

      Keep your posts on topic. Please try to keep you posts relevant to the original topic, or answers to the question poised from the originator of the thread. Do not hijack threads unless you are asking the same question, remember be courteous to the original poster. Please try to ensure your comments add some value or content rather then just short posts such as 'that's too expensive', or 'you will never sell that' unless the posts invites those answers.

      Signatures, Avatars and Image posts. Posting images and Avatars is not a difficult task once you know how to do it properly. If you are new to the forum world then read the section marked FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), here it will tell you how to set up a photo storing site and how to post pictures. Please try to test these skills in the correct section (there is a Test Forum). You must ensure they are appropriately sized, repeated incorrectly sized avatars or signatures will result in disciplinary action, if you cannot post the correct size please ask.

      Advertising in your avatar or signature is limited to private advertisements and you may only post a link to a thread as posted in the correct 'for sale' section along with a short narrative. Fully paid up Traders may by post links to their respective threads in the Traders section along with a short narrative. You may not sell directly from your Avatars or Signatures.

      New Members. If you are new take some time to learn how the forum works before you begin posting, and most important is only post on the subject you know about, there are many experienced people on this site who do not suffer fools gladly, so you will do yourself no favors by jumping in head first and posting on a subject you do not know about.

      Information on this site Some information on this site is of a technical nature and as such could affect the serviceability of your vehicle. The E30zone will accept no responsibility for any damages or actions arrived at as a result of information gained through this site.

      While the site has many knowledgeable people who will dispense endless useful advice and help, in the end of the day you should use your own judgement based on your own research, experience and abilities. If you choose to use the information gained on this site, you are the sole person responsible for the results and it is you who will live with the consequences. Common sense should prevail at all times, if you don't know how to repair the brakes on your car you cannot expect this site to turn you into an expert. This is what a Professional Garage is for, this is why you pay for their services and why you can expect them to be responsible for their actions on your car. A free internet site will NOT offer you the same protection. #
  4. Advertising

    1. The zone offers a free platform to offer cars and parts for sale on a private and trade basis, however the site is for the sale of E30 related material ONLY.

      General rules for private adverts

      Make your subject matter descriptive � i.e. 2 Dr. 1989 325i SE Diamond Black
      The Advertisement narrative MUST include all of the following:
      Your location � this can be in your avatar.
      A Description of the item(s) for sale including its condition.
      A Photo of the item(s) (NOT a link to a site with photos such as Ebay etc).
      A Price or Price guide � It is not acceptable to say 'open to offers'. You can say 'offers in the region of 50 pounds'.
      A means of contacting you, this can be a mobile phone, email or for more privacy request a prospective buyer to contact you via the PM system.
      You may include any other information you deem necessary, from experience it pays to be honest and please note that new members who begin to sell cars immediately can expect to be treated with suspicion.
      By offering items for sale you accept that your name may appear in the feedback section, this is a section for other members to comment on past experiences with another member offering goods for sale. These comments can be positive or negative.

      General rules for buyers

      Please do not post comments on the condition or price of an item unless requested.
      Please do not assume the role of a moderator by pointing out a flaws in an advertisement.
      Please only post comments if you are interested in buying the item.
      Anything you buy is done so at your own risk, the E30zone will accept no liability for anything sold via this site.
      Feedback � please post feedback if you are happy or upset with a sales transaction #
  5. Traders

    1. The E30zone welcomes Traders on this site and has a specific section for this activity. A Trader is considered a person or person representing an organisation that earns its upkeep from the professional sale of items, irregardless of the size of the operation or scope of the products offered.

      To sell as a Trader the E30zone asks for a nominal fee to be paid in advance which is used to cover the costs of running the E30zone site. A Trader may contact any of the moderators and agree on the fees, once paid a trader will have a specific avatar which confirms their trader status. #
  6. E30 Zone discipliniary proceedures

    1. The E30zone employs several disciplinary procedures when faced with a member breaking the rules and guidelines as set out above.

      The disciplinary process is undertaken, discussed and dispensed by the forum moderators, the severity of the discipline is dependant on the severity of the breach of rules. Disciplinary procedures can range from temporary bans to full lifetime bans, and in extreme cases the user can be referred to higher authorities such as the Police.

      In each case of disciplinary procedure the moderators discuss the breach of rules, agree on the severity and agree on a suitable punishment. No moderator acts alone in serious matters.

      Punishments available to the moderators include, but are not limited to: a. Contact and Friendly Warning by Private Message � this stage normally allows a first time offender to explain their actions. This stage can be instigated by a single moderator.

      b. Contact and Official Warning by Private Message � this stage normally follows a Friendly Warning and is a precursor to more serious action. This stage can requires the agreement of two moderators.

      c. Placing the user into jail from 24 hours to one month - during this period the user may or may not be able to browse the site or sections of the site, posting is not possible from jail. This stage requires the agreement of three moderators.

      d. Long term bans from one month upwards � the user is banned from entering the site and thus cannot browse or post. This stage requires the agreement of four moderators.

      e. Lifetime bans � the user is banned from entering the site and thus cannot browse or post. The user URL and email is noted and any attempt to log on under a different name is also blocked. This stage requires the agreement of four moderators.

      f. Referring the user to the Authorities.

      It is not possible to give full breakdowns of all the disciplinary actions as it varies dependant on the severity of the breach, but as a rule of thumb a severe and intentional breach of rules 1 through 4 will result in a lifetime ban. Breaches of other rules can result in short term bans by placing in the user in 'jail'. Repeated offences will see the user returned to jail for longer durations until the forth time whereby they will be banned from the site for a longer duration or as a last result for life.

      The moderators are also able to move, edit or delete posts or entire threads as they see fit, examples could be a deletion of a post in the advertisement section that does not meet the basic criteria, or an individual's comments contravening Rule 8 in an otherwise healthy thread.

      A Quarantine section is also available for the temporary parking of a thread, this allows the moderators to discuss the suitability of the thread and if any action is required, threads will be returned to the correct section if they are deemed suitable.

      We hope you will enjoy the E30zone and please remember the moderators are always available to assist you if you have any problems. reserves the right to revise these rules if and when it is deemed necessary. All such modifications take full force and effect immediately thereafter. #