Resetting Inspection Lights

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The Inspection Lights, also known as the Service Indicators, are a series of lights on your dash cluster to tell you when it's time to service your E30. There are three lights in total; Inspection, Oil and Service.

If you service your car yourself, you don't want these angry red lights glowing at you all the time making you feel guilty, so here's how to reset them back to green.


Resetting is done via the Diagnostic plug in the engine bay. All you have to do is connect two of the terminals with a piece of wire; a paperclip will do.

Identify pin 7 in your diagnostic plug. Facelift and Pre-facelift cars have different plugs, so use the diagnostic plug page to help you.

With ignition off, connect pin 7 to ground using a paperclip or short piece of wire. While it's best to ground the wire to the car body, you can also use pin 19 on facelift cars.

With the wire in place, turn the ignition on for 5-10 seconds. Turn off, and remove the wire.

Repeat this procedure to reset the Oil inspection light and service lights.


If your Inspection Lights continue to glow, or the service lights behave erratically, then you have a problem with your SI Batteries. These need to be replaced as soon as you discover the fault - leave them to long and they'll dissolve, destroying your Dash cluster in the process. Learn more about replacing SI batteries.