Instrument Cluster Replacement

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(Originally posted on the E30 Zone by 320imoredoor)

Tools needed:

  • Crosshead screwdriver
  • Small flat blade screw driver.
  • Patience

Time taken: About half an hour

1. First of all, disconnect battery

2. Remove the under dash panel:


Its held on with 3 clips. Two closest to the door, the other on the other side



3. Now let go the x2 screws facing towards the window, just in front of indicator symbol


4. Under the dash, there are two knurled nuts. One in front of the ECU, and one on the other side. Both should be finger tight. Push inwards on the front of the panel to help loosen them.


Note that the nut on the left should be a knurled type, the same as the other one.



5. With this dash panel out (rolls out towards you)


You can see four screws looking at you. Two on the outside, two in the middle.


Middle one.


Right side


Left side

6.After these screws are let go, the clock surround rolls out (top first)


7. There are then two top clamps holding in the dash cluster (crosshead)


(One either side)

8. After this the cluster rolls forward, then you must let go the leccy connections, which are multi plugs. One white, One blue. There is also a similar yellow socket at the bottom, in the middle, which will only have a plug in it if you have an On Board Computer in place of the analogue clock.

Some models also have a green socket clipped in place below the rear of the speedometer, for the cruise control.



9. The multi pins let go by pulling up the black tangs on top of them using a flat bladed screw driver.


10. Disconnect them and then push them back.

11. The clocks then roll out to the left.


12. Then you are left with a big gaping hole


13. Refitting is the reversal of removal, but before you do, check that the small brass nuts on the back behind the fuel gauge and temperature gauge, are tight. Remember take your time. Plastic bits break and screws go missing, so its good idea to have a magnetic tray for the screws.

14. And the finished article


Some very nice and fully functioning 'klicki-o-meter' clocks

Good luck!