Removing Ignition Lock

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Many people seem to have trouble with removing the ignition lock from the steering column.

Here we have a useful guide which shows us exactly how it's done in 5 easy steps.


  • 25mm picture hanging nail, approximately 1mm diameter
  • Ignition Key


1. Insert key into ignition


Note the half moon shaped hole underneath the key at the bottom of the silver disc

2. Turn the key until it clicks at ‘position 1’ this is the point at which the steering lock is released


If you look carefully down the hole you’ll see that the casting under the half-moon disappears from view when ‘position 1’ is selected.

3. Insert the nail into the hole and carefully push it in as far as it will go, you will feel the lock pop out of its socket


The nail must have a ‘taper’ on the end to drive the release pin in, a flat ended implement will not work. See pic. below:


4. Remove the lock from the casting


5. To fit the lock insert the key into the lock and turn to ‘position 1’ and push it into the casting. There is no need to use the nail for this, the inside of the casting is tapered and will push the pin in for you as you push the lock in.