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Welcome to the E30 325iX Register! If you've spotted an E30, either on the street or up for sale, then look here to see if the owner is a Zoner! You can also use the register to get in touch with owners, check out the different options or just feel like one of the family of E30 lovers.

To add your details, click the "Edit" button at the bottom of the screen, and get ready to type in the details of your car.

In the new window, add your info at the bottom, where indicated. Start every new line with |, called a vertical bar.

When you're finished, make one more line with a vertical bar and a hyphen, like this: |– , and then click Save page.

You can add a picture of your car by uploading it to the wiki and then linking it when needed.

To link to a wiki picture, type this: [[Image:myimage.jpg|140px]]

Build Date Reg prefix Body Colour Upholstery Colour Transmission Kit Owner Picture
1987 Dutch: PL-FX-87 Alpinweiss I Sport Stof Anthrazit 211 Manual No Baurtje To follow...
1988 F*** TOY Royal blue Metallic Sport Leather Black Manual, was Auto Mtech II tomson To follow...
1988 LNR-278 Diamond Schwarz Metalic Sport Black and Grey Manual E46 M3 S54 Engine Joco http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TErtm4dGi4
1989 Hungary: LSM-675 Lachssilber Metallic 203 Sport Black and Grey Manual Original IX Gabor Soon...